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Course Options

Courses can be designed for people who are responsible for ensuring drinking water quality compliance within their area of work.

Courses will provide participants with suitable knowledge and skills to effectively manage, monitor and audit systems currently in place to ensure successful water quality outcomes. The courses are benchmarked against legislative and international requirements.

"A Great mix of high-level technical with practical advice” and 'The event was enjoyable because it made it easier to apply the complex criteria for membrane assessment.." Anonymous

  • Understanding the Drinking-water Standards for New Zealand (revised 2018)
  • Water Safety Planning - The “new” water safety plan framework
  • Fundamentals of water treatment operations
  • Assessment of continuous data and building knowledge around how programmes demonstrate compliance.
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Management
  • Transgression Water Supply Event Management
  • Any person responsible for overseeing operators which requires drinking water quality from non-networked sources, e.g. bores and treatment plants
  • Managers and operators responsible for managing water supplies large or small e.g. Marae or Food Production Facilities
  • Compliance staff responsible for auditing facilities with a non-networked water source
  • Dairy Production site staff
  • Food Production Facility site staff
  • Develop an increased awareness of the importance of Drinking Water quality
  • Ensure your water quality consistently meets and exceeds customer and legislative expectations
  • Provide confidence of compliance with the Drinking Water Standards New Zealand (2018) and NZ Drinking Water Safety Plan Framework
  • Train with a professional Drinking Water provider
  • Training can be run over a single day and can be scaled up or down to suit the needs of the audience.
  • Courses can be delivered at a fixed price (no limits to the number of attendees).
  • Courses can be delivered at any preferred location.

Please contact our Training team for an individual quote. Courses can be delivered In-House at your own workplace (minimum rates apply). NB: Quote will include additional disbursement costs to cover trainer / assessor costs

  • Please ensure you have a stable internet connection for the session.
  • Ensure you have access to a microphone and webcam
  • Where possible, choose a quiet space where you are unlikely to be interrupted for the duration of your training.

Wai Comply ensures that training relating to drinking-water encompasses the 6 international principles of safe-drinking-water:

Principle 1: A high standard of care must be embraced.

Principle 2: Protection of source water is of paramount importance.

Principle 3: Maintain multiple barriers against contamination

Principle 4: Change precedes contamination

Principle 5: Suppliers must own the safety of drinking-water

Principle 6: Apply a preventive risk management approach

Contact us to discuss catering training courses to fit your business needs.