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Water Safety Plans


Water Safety Plans (WSP) - a legislative requirement

The Health Act 1956 requires certain drinking-water suppliers to develop a Water Safety Plan (WSP) for their water supply. The Guiding material released by the Ministry of Health is contained in the Water Safety Plan Framework and the Water Safety Plan Handbook documents has meant that fundamentally water suppliers need to reconsider the way they develop WSPs to meet legislative requirements.

We can:

  • Facilitate rewrites of existing Water Safety Plans
  • Facilitate workshops with key stakeholders
  • Develop new Water Safety Plans
  • Specifically formulated and tailored to each water supplier.
  • Ensuring that the risk assessment and risk management process meets legislative requirements.
  • Thoroughly describes and demonstrates ‘how’ water suppliers are keeping their customers safe.
  • Wai Comply ensures that water suppliers are involved in every step of the way when it comes to developing WSPs to instill confidence in the design and implementation of the WSP.
  • Designed to meet the latest industry requirements (i.e. the Framework and the Handbook).
  • Through the Water Safety Plan development process we are also able to include the identification and implementation of ‘Critical Control Points’ (CCPs).
  • Critical Control Point introduction ensure current treatment barriers are operating and controlled in a way that prevents contamination events occurring, therefore, having confidence that drinking-water is safe.

Water safety planning is an essential process to ensure there is a focus on preventive measures across the whole drinking-water supply system. Having Water Safety Plans in place:

  • Reduces reliance on after-the-event end-point water quality testing
  • Promotes a multi-barrier approach to managing risks, which safeguards against the failure of any single barrier.
  • Supports continuous improvement and guides day-to-day activities now and into the future.

The essential requirements for achieving an approved WSP should be based around the 10 Components.